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The thesis you choose will likely affect your future career in more ways than just one. Choose an exciting workplace where new ways of thinking combined with the latest technologies result in innovative projects. Let it be something you can be truly proud of.

Neava is welcoming to new students searching for a company to carry out their thesis. Out of 80 thesis projects, 5 have resulted in exciting patents and 35 to employment. Of the 10 latest, 8 have been employed.

Examples of Thesis projects

UX based interface design for an AR configurator

The objective of one master thesis project was to investigate how potential customers to Arvue could be involved in the interface design process. However, the study resulted in a conceptual UX interface which was aimed to minimize communication problems between Arvue’s development team and their customers. Furthermore, the interface was constructed to facilitate the buying process between house suppliers and their end customers.  

Customization of Software as a Service

One of our recent master thesis projects aimed to study two parts of the business model, value proposition, and revenue model. It was examined which level of customization that was attractive to the software developing company and its customers. Also, it was studied to which extent customization should be integrated into the value proposition. This master thesis contributed to a broader understanding of customer needs, thus explaining how the business model of Arvue Design Studio should be designed to satisfy all parties involved.

Real-time masking of virtual objects in AR

Within “Augmented Reality” one challenge is how to visually represent a virtual object as “behind” an object in reality. Typically objects in AR are layered on top of the real scene. This thesis investigated one approach to tackle this problem and thus increase the feeling of realism in AR. Here, you can see the effect of the algorithm in before-after pictures.

IoT Heat Controller

An Arduino compatible controller manages the main temperature control by means of peripheral devices – A digital thermometer, a solid-state relay for controlling power supply to the heating element, and communication with an LCD and rotary switch to enable manual control. There is also a Bluetooth device that provides communication over short distances, and a WI-FI unit capable of connecting to the internet.

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