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"As a very strong actor in the area of software development far up north, near the Arctic circle, we must be a little bit better"

In an environment that is creative and driven by technology, back-to-back with Luleå University of Technology, Neava offers consulting services in the area of software development to several world-leading companies.

CEO Staffan Johansson

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  • Neava in media - Affärer i norr

    Neava is covered in yet another (Swedish) news article. Affärer i norr paid us a visit and did a piece about the Neava group and our new HQ office in Luleå. Neava AB CEO Staffan Johansson had a brief talk with Lennart Håkansson ...

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  • Neava HQ moved to new office within Luleå!

    We have moved our head office within Luleå! In our new office, everything is new and shiny and we have an exquisite view over the south harbor. Our new address is Kyrkogatan 2.

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  • Strengthened position in Luleå

    Neava continues to employ Java developers in Luleå. We are very glad to welcome Birgitta Berglönn, Tomas Johansson, Daniel Kinneryd, Kenneth Andersson and Daniel Ponkala to our office in Luleå. They will all contribute with their ...

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+46 (0)920 - 730 54



Tore Johnsson

+46 (0)70 - 365 96 84



Staffan Johansson

+46 (0)76 - 771 47 46



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Region North
Kyrkogatan 2
972 32 Luleå, Sweden


Region Stocholm
Österögatan 1
164 40 Kista, Sweden


Region South
Adelgatan 21
211 22 Malmö, Sweden


Region Central Europe
Lęborska 3B Gdańsk, 80-386